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0003058ScribusUser Interfacepublic2006-02-05 22:20
Reporterjo-hannes Assigned Tofschmid  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.3.2cvs 
Fixed in Version1.3.3cvs 
Summary0003058: Horizontal (vertical) guides are removed when moving them to the scratch space at the right or left side (top or bottom)
Descriptionthere are two solutions:
- change the icon the remove icon when drawing the guide to any scratch space
- dont remove the guide when drawing to the scratch space (at the right and left), my preferred solution.
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related to 0002935 acknowledgedsubik Metabug: Guide Dialog 



2006-01-22 14:52

administrator   ~0008235

This is exactly what its supposed to do.


2006-01-22 15:49

developer   ~0008239

okay, then we need the icon there when drawing the guide to the left/right


2006-01-25 23:32

administrator   ~0008364

The icon changes to an arrow with a minus sign when they get off the page before you drop them off the page.


2006-01-25 23:38

developer   ~0008366

tHE ICON only changes when drawing up or down. not when drawing left or right. but even when drawing left or right, the guide is being removed. so we need an icon there.


2006-01-26 00:06

administrator   ~0008368

Works here left and right. You do seem to have a lot of graphics issues.


2006-01-26 17:27

developer   ~0008378

i know now why you didnt understand what i mean. if im talking about the icons not showing up when drawing a guide to the left or right side then i am also talking about the horizontal guide. see my screenshot to see what i mean.

any guide is removed when drawing off the canvas anywhere but the icons are only shown up and down (for horizontal guides) or left/right (for vertical ones).

2006-01-26 17:28


Zwischenablage.png (117,072 bytes)   
Zwischenablage.png (117,072 bytes)   


2006-01-26 19:28

administrator   ~0008381

Try this:

Create a horizontal guide.
Then drag it with the mouse and move the mouse pointer *to the right* of the canvas.
The guide still crosses the page.
Release the mouse => the guide is removed.

IMO the guide should only be removed if it doesn't cross the canvas any more.


2006-01-29 22:06

administrator   ~0008469

With a correct description, all is clear. H guides should not be removed to left or right, V guides should not be removed top or bottom.


2006-02-05 22:20

developer   ~0008602

it's fixed here

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