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0003104ScribusUsabilitypublic2021-12-03 19:07
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Product Version1.3 
Summary0003104: Wanted: font outlines should allow line styles to be applied.
DescriptionIt would be nice to have more outline options for fonts---at least to be able to vary the line width, but there's no reason why standard line styles couldn't be applied.
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2006-01-25 23:26

administrator   ~0008362

You can change the widths in 1.3.x


2006-01-25 23:39

viewer   ~0008367

Work around: Convert the fonts to outlines and you can apply line styles.


2006-01-28 15:38

reporter   ~0008447

Problem with the work-around: it makes it hard to use this style for repeating elements, since you can't just copy the element and then select the text; you have to: place the element, hit duplicate, hit "convert to outlines", apply the desired line style, then move the outline on top of the element (since duplicating changed its position). If you're editing a pre-editing element of this type, you have to start by deleting the previous element. And on top of it all, you probably also need to create a separate layer for the outline, so that you can reliably select it (and not get the text, or vice-versa).

I'd like the amend this bug to: font outlines should allow line styles to be applied.


2006-01-29 23:07

reporter   ~0008472

The 'percentage' options for line-widths are poorly-conceived. I typically want an outline style to match other line styles in the document. How can I tell what magic percentage I should input in order to get the same 2pt line width as I used for (say) the box borders? There's no conversion from percentages to points, since it's not obvious even what size I'm computing a percentage of. Is it is font size? x-height? Leading?

I would like to suggest that underline, outlining, and strikethrough be changed to use the *standard* line width/style, color, and fill options available in the properties menu, instead of this crazy ad-hoc drop-down business, which just makes these features harder and more confusing to use.


2021-12-03 19:07

reporter   ~0049402

Having same issue - cannot define that outline stroke style. Below is an example, what I can do with Inkscape 1.1.1.
text-contoured.png (19,114 bytes)   
text-contoured.png (19,114 bytes)   

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