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0003155ScribusUsabilitypublic2016-03-21 12:34
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Product Version1.3 
Fixed in Version1.5.2.svn 
Summary0003155: feature request: configurable .emergency file restore behavior
Descriptionthe .emergency backup behavior at document loading time should be configurable in Preferences, General to be one of the following:

 - [never] restore an .emergency backup file
 - [confirm] from the user if a found backup is to be restored
 - [always] restore an .emergency backup file

the behavior should apply at each document load if an .emergency file was found for the document to load.

[confirm] and [always] should only apply if the .emergency backup file is more recent than the file to be loaded.

factory default should be possibly the current behavior which is [never].
Additional Informationproceedings of discussion at 01/30/2006
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related to 0008788 closedfschmid Automatic recovery 
child of 0013584 acknowledged Metabug: AutoSave & AutoRecover 



2006-01-30 18:59

developer   ~0008499

i am thinking of a behaviour like in word. if there is an autosave copy i am asked to restore the autosave or not.


2006-02-01 15:16

reporter   ~0008526

I understand. "emergency" and "autosave" are similar:

"emergency" is if program crashed (i.e. system made a mistake),
"autosave" is when user needs older version (i.e. user made a mistake).

"emergency" is identical to most recent "autosave". If there is only one "autosave", "emergency" and "autosave" are identical.

P.S.: please don't save to ~/autosave/, a different app does that here already (and I don't like it).

P.P.S.: why does scribus need ".sla" prefix for document open? Mine refuses to load .emergency files:

 $ scribus test.sla.emergency
... error ...
 $ mv test.sla.emergency test.sla
 $ scribus test.sla
... works ...


2016-03-21 12:34

updater   ~0039304

Franz added this in 0008788 (r21098)

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