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0000032ScribusGeneralpublic2003-12-27 04:49
Reportercbradney Assigned Tofschmid  
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Summary0000032: Item name/numbering duplicate issue
DescriptionItem numbering with older documents can get confused and insert items with default name the same as another item.
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2003-11-25 18:58

administrator   ~0000027

I am still seeing issues with this.

Perhaps we could introduce some sort of renaming procedure that can be run on documents.. so all items that are ItemXXX can be renumbered from 001 upwards automatically. Of course, all text frame links etc would have to be remembered in this process.


2003-12-26 22:09

administrator   ~0000091

new created Objects have now a unique Name formed out of the total Number of Objects and the current Time and Date.


2003-12-27 04:49

viewer   ~0000092

Fix works with older docs, which I had the same problem with..

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