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0000327ScribusGeneralpublic2014-07-01 09:11
Reportertomhemba Assigned Tocbradney  
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OSLinuxOS VersionFedora 1 
Product Version1.2 
Summary0000327: pan = click & drag mouse wheel
DescriptionI would really like to see a pan feature like the gimp and inkscape where you can click and drag the wheel for pan. A zoom window feature (instead of just zoom in and out) would be really helpfull as well. Ultimately I think it would be great if Scribus just matched the navigation tools of Inkscape because I think they have a really nice system.
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duplicate of 0000315 closed Document navigation improvements 
related to 0002407 acknowledged Metabug: Misleading and wrong cursors 



2004-03-08 00:15

reporter   ~0000703

sorry - I guess there is a zoom window feature - but it appears that there is a bug. When an object is selected and you click on the zoom tool the cursor head doesn't change to the magnifying lense and you can only zoom in or out - the zoom window doesn't work. But when no object is selected the cursor head changes properly and the zoom window does work.


2004-03-08 00:58

viewer   ~0000704

The zoom function works, even if an object is selected here with 1.2cvs. The cursor does not swtich the magnifying glass. If you select away from an object, the zoom cursor appears.

By the way, on Fedora-1, we strongly recommend upgraging to 1.1.5, which is in the repository in stable. You will see a number of enhancements and speed improvements, as well as improved text display. While it is a devel release, it is overall a much better end user experience and equally if not more stable.


2004-03-08 01:08

viewer   ~0000705

changing to tweak - it is cosmetic - but probably confusing to a new user. Panning is a feature request and should be submitted separately.


2004-03-08 01:30

administrator   ~0000706

Please monitor bug 315. This is a duplicate.

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