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0000331ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2006-04-13 19:12
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Product Version1.3 
Summary0000331: Enabled click and <meta key>+click to create new frame
DescriptionIf we enable a click and <meta key>+click on the "crossed box" of an overfull text frame we could have auto insertion enabled. That is, click on the box, then we click on the page and a new text frame is created that is autolinked to the one we originally clicked on. We could also have a meta key +click such as Control+Click on the "crossed box" to put the insertion into a Page insert mode where the new frame would be inserted onto a new page.
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has duplicate 0003364 closedcbradney Create linked text frames automatically with the mouse 



2004-09-05 19:59

reporter   ~0002313

This sort of facility does make working with significant amounts of text a LOT quicker and easier.


2006-03-09 21:27

administrator   ~0009176

Why restrict this feature to overfull text frames? It would also be useful to easily create linked text frames before inserting any text, e.g. by clicking the "Link frames" icon and drawing a new frame.


2006-03-09 21:31

administrator   ~0009177

Wasnt planning on it.. I might see if I can get this done in 1.3.4 btw.


2006-04-13 19:12

developer   ~0009906

Planned in Roadmap Extras
with no ETA

Changing the status to acknowledged

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