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Summary0003338: text frames in master page which are automatically linkable
DescriptionTrying out the test version of the new QuarkXPress 7 beta I noticed a feature that seems not integrated in scribus but I believe it quite useful: creating a text frame in the master page this text frame appears (in the same place and same dimensions) in each single page to which the master page is assigned. Inserting text, the text flows automatically from one frame to the next, because they are automatically linked together. For longer documents I think it would be a great possibility to have a feature like this also in scribus.
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2006-03-06 23:40

reporter   ~0009093

I can certainly see the utility, though I'd want to be able to build link chains in the master page too. Say the master page has 3 frames linked, A->B->C . I'd want to have the app able to automatically create a C->A link when the master page is applied. It'd be necessary to be able to manually break the link, too.


2006-04-18 08:58

developer   ~0010086

Reminder sent to: plinnell


2008-08-06 02:04

reporter   ~0020101

This is standard in professional DPT such as InDesign and FrameMaker. Rather than using master pages to create guides and then make text frames fit those guides on each page, one simply makes the appropriate text frame(s) on the master page.

Linking between frames within a single master page is also supported.


2008-10-06 18:15

reporter   ~0020395

Is there any progress being made on this issue?

It is actually quite a show stopper for me. I'd like to design a book consisting of about 70 pages using Scribus, but it is impossible to create multiple text areas at once! It looks like I'll need to create a text area for each page manually, or use the "auto create" feature at the stage of creating my document. But what if I'd like to reposition the text areas in a later stage?

The only workaround I know of is the Python script of Pierre Marchand:


2008-10-06 19:06

administrator   ~0020396

No progress is planned for at least 1.3.5, probably not 1.3.6.


2009-10-07 14:52

manager   ~0022632

i still believe that editable master pages is not a good way to go... there are other ways which are simpler, more flexible and more reliable!

in this case, i think i would enhance (a new tab?) the "multiple duplicate" dialog for duplicating across pages (and an option to automatic link text frames?)

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