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0003347ScribusGeneralpublic2016-05-24 13:16
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PlatformKDE 3.5.xOSLinux (SUSE)OS Version10.0 OSS
Product Version1.3.3cvs 
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Summary0003347: Ruler just keeps on growing over the pages
DescriptionJust noticed that the vertical-aligned ruler keeps on growing with each new page of a document - thus not ending with each page / starting with every new page.

My workaround so far is to get to the page I want to see the fitting ruler, disable the "ruler relative to page" and reenable it afterwards. As long as the page is not switched, even the vertical ruler stays "relative".

Is there a better workaround - or is it something that might be added to the feature wish-list? ;)

ThX in advance
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2006-03-07 10:59

administrator   ~0009109

The rulers adjust themselves once a page is selected.


2006-03-10 11:25

manager   ~0009182

that is: click on the whished page and the rulers are adjusted :-)


2006-04-17 21:33

developer   ~0010073

confirmed with -- clicking on a page to adjust the ruler is not good enough, i guess


2012-07-05 17:08

manager   ~0028375

is it really not good enough?


2014-06-24 19:09

manager   ~0032281

as discussed on irc: the request is about permanently showing 0cm..29.7cm.. 0cm..29.7cm etc

probably a behavior that is better than the current one...


2015-03-28 02:19

updater   ~0034774

verdict ?

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