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0003351ScribusPrintingpublic2006-04-28 19:54
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Product Version1.3 
Summary0003351: Print text only
DescriptionThere should be an option in the print dialog to print text only ("Print pictures" on or off) -- for proofreading for example. Just like the "Show pictures" option in the "Display" tab.
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2006-04-28 17:53

reporter   ~0010597

Yeah, that would be neat, and for PDF too.


2006-04-28 17:55

administrator   ~0010599

This is not related to 3468. It's simply an output option to save ink or to make proofreading easier. All formatting will remain intact.


2006-04-28 18:00

developer   ~0010600

I would like an option for this, as discussed at LGM. We need a way of making fast proofs, either print or PDF, with the pics at screen resolution, without the hassle of downsampling images.

The way we've been doing that for years with QXP is by taking away the image folder so the links are broken to the high res. Then, we simply ignore the warning about missing images. That way, we have a quick print or a quick PDF but we still can proof the job in its entirety. The reason for keeping the images is to be able to check position and any text that relates to an image. Without the image, we can only guess that the image there is the right one.


2006-04-28 18:30

administrator   ~0010602

I agree with Louis. The option mentioned by him should also be available. We'd need something like:

[]Fast proof

Image output:

[]Full resolution
[]Screen resolution (alternatively:User defined: ___ dpi)
[]No pictures

Enabling fast proof would of course disable the other image related settings.


2006-04-28 19:54

viewer   ~0010604


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