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0003441ScribusGraphics / Image Framespublic2006-05-01 21:46
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Summary0003441: request ability to reference external SVGs as images without importing
DescriptionI would like the ability to construct a scribus document which references external SVGs. If the SVG changes, I should be able to print/export-to-PDF the scribus document and get the new version of the .SVG without having to re-import or re-reference the SVG files.

  In this case the .SVG should be treated much the same way as a PNG or JPG is within the editor (as an atomic unit).
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2006-04-29 21:04

developer   ~0010644

Reminder sent to: avox

avox: what do you think, is it technically doable?


2006-04-29 21:13

administrator   ~0010649

Sure, we already have that for images.
I'd even propose to enable this for text content also.


2006-04-29 21:26

developer   ~0010653

avox: sounds cool, what do you think about extending the summary of this RFE to "ability to reference external SVG, EPS, and text files"?


2006-04-29 21:47

administrator   ~0010657

No, EPS is already handled like TIF, at least in imageframes.

And I don't think it would be useful to have external auto-imported EPS files.

For text we should put that in an extra issue, if there isn't one already.


2006-04-29 21:50

administrator   ~0010658

Hm, I'm having seconds thought about importing SVG automatically from external files.
What should Scribus do if the drawing was edited in Scribus??

I'd rather add an option to imageframes to load SVG, and make sure that SVG, EPS and PDF
are *not* rastered when Scribubs creates PS or PDF. AFAIK this only works for EPS and printing
at the moment.


2006-04-29 22:26

administrator   ~0010662



2006-04-30 11:10

developer   ~0010694

<quote>What should Scribus do if the drawing was edited in Scribus??</quote>

I think the whole idea of this request is that it shouldn't be edited in Scribus, just referenced. I can imagine, the request author would like to edit his SVG's in an vector drawing application which offers superior editing capabilities which are not available in Scribus. Scribus should only produce a placeholding preview and launch his external editor, if he wants to edit it (just the way it works with gimp-remote -- yet another setting in Preferences would be needed). Furtherly, it probably means, SVG's in image frames shouldn't be handled as Scribus native objects, contrarily to the imported SVG's, which should be available as well.

<quoting>I'd rather add an option to imageframes to load SVG, and make sure that SVG, EPS and PDF are *not* rastered when Scribubs creates PS or PDF. AFAIK this only works for EPS and printing at the moment.</quoting>

This doesn't contradict having the SVG's as external, referenced files in image frames. The abovementioned steps would be performed while printing/exporting to PDF/PS and are more than necessary anyway, imho.


2006-04-30 16:16

reporter   ~0010702

Same goes for EPS, we really need to be able to have vector illustrations as images, and that includes text.

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