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0003503ScribusImport / Exportpublic2016-05-23 00:28
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Product Version1.3.4cvs 
Target Version1.6 milestone 
Summary0003503: FileWatcher removes item preview if file save in another app takes too long
DescriptionLoad a large, eg 2-5mb, image into an image frame. Edit in Gimp. When saving, Scribus will usually detect a change and if the file is not saved in time, the frame gets the red cross, ie image linked, but image missing. To fix in 1.3.4.
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has duplicate 0003747 closedjghali Scribus forgets links to images 
related to 0005548 new In a large project images do not display or print another time when the document is opened again 



2006-03-24 21:40

administrator   ~0009467

Simply increasing the timeout wont really help either, as images will get larger and larger as digital cameras get better. Also, the refresh timeout could be smaller for small images so a smarter method needs to be worked out. A shortcut for a signal to rescan might be useful too.


2006-03-27 02:11

reporter   ~0009487

It might be interesting to look at the file size. Once FileWatcher detects a change, it can poll the file until the following conditions are true:
    (a) file size is non-zero (with LONG timeout for failed saves)
    (b) file size has not increased for last n polling intervals
If both of those are true it is likely that the save has finished, and we can update the image.

Sound reasonable?


2006-03-27 16:40

manager   ~0009498

or something like fuser command does. resp. something like this...


2016-05-21 18:00

updater   ~0041290

Peter, do you mind testing ?


2016-05-22 07:42

developer   ~0041294

Tested: Linux Mint 17.3; r21264; pictures: 20-60Mb

I can reproduce! I have already experienced, but rarely.

During testing 1x occurred (but the phenomenon exists).


2016-05-23 00:28

updater   ~0041320

Thanks. assigning to 1.6 milestone

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