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0003505ScribusGeneralpublic2006-04-11 10:50
ReporterDavid Goodenough Assigned To 
Status confirmedResolutionopen 
Platformi386OSLinuxOS VersionDebian unstable
Product Version1.3.2 
Summary0003505: Tab fill error
DescriptionIf the first tab is the first character on a line and it is filled,
the filling (in my case .) starts on the left edge of the frame not
the left text edge. If a leading . is placed as the first
character in the line then the tab fill characters start in the
right place.
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related to 0003564 closedjghali 14 pt line-spacing won't fit in 14 pt text frame. 



2006-03-25 13:00

administrator   ~0009469

Please give a sample screenshot and document. I cannot replicate based on your description.

2006-03-25 16:32


right-tab-problem.sla (43,945 bytes)

2006-03-25 16:38


right-tab-problem.png (47,035 bytes)   
right-tab-problem.png (47,035 bytes)   

David Goodenough

2006-03-25 16:39

reporter   ~0009471

Attached are two files, the file used to generate the problem display and a
png screen capture of the problem.

The second line should look like the first, but instead the right tab fill goes back to the left edge of the frame rather than starting at the left text margin.


2006-03-29 20:36

developer   ~0009560

Reminder sent to: user715

2006-03-30 08:50


right-tab-stop_problem.png (27,246 bytes)   
right-tab-stop_problem.png (27,246 bytes)   

2006-03-30 08:50



2006-03-30 08:57


another problem with right tab. you cannot place it at the edge of frame. see files right-tab-stop_problem.sla and right-tab-stop_problem.png. i have tried some tricks (turn off non-printing chars and you may place the tab-stop a bit closer to frame edge, but still not exactly at the edge). for me - scribus treats non-printing paragraph-end-char as normal character (part of whole text!!!). but maybe i'm wrong

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