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0003557ScribusGeneralpublic2006-04-09 19:45
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Summary0003557: send to back/front within layer
DescriptionIt would be really nice right now if I could send an object to a level higher or lower than everything else in the current layer, but not necessarily everything else. Eventually I think being able to (optionally) have everything in a layer grouped together as a bunch level-wise relative to everything else would be useful, if that makes sense. Not sure how it would work exactly.
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2006-04-07 17:18

developer   ~0009682

it seems that this features already exists. Properties palette/X,Y,Z Tab/Level -- there you can send objects level up/level down within a layer.


2006-04-08 11:01

viewer   ~0009690

This has been in Scribus for a long time.


2006-04-08 17:05

reporter   ~0009703

I didn't mean one-at-a-time. I should have been more clear. I was thinking something like an additional option in the item and context menus "Level:Raise (lower) to top (bottom) in layer", maybe with shortcuts ctrl-shift-home/end, which would cause the level to be set just high or low enough to be above or below all other objects in the current layer. Sometimes I find I want to keep everything in one layer above everything in another, and if I want the current object to go behind everything in its layer but not behind the layer below there's no easy way to do it.

That's why it would also be nice eventually to be able to set layers explicitly to keep all their contents together, as a single "level group" not to be broken up by objects in other layers. But the above described options would provide most of the desired functionality with little difficulty, I would think.


2006-04-09 19:45

developer   ~0009764

you have send to front/back. that is not one-by-one but one at all.

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