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0003575ScribusGeneralpublic2006-11-23 01:16
ReporterPLucAuclair Assigned Tofschmid  
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Product Version1.3 
Fixed in Version1.3.4cvs 
Summary0003575: Pattern fill
DescriptionIt would be a nice addition to allow pattern filling.

Basically what we'd need is a pattern creation dialog to create the "styles". Process in my mind would be import/link image(vector or not), scale, angle and offset (taking or not angle into account).
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2006-09-11 21:19

reporter   ~0012487

a feature that works like the "background-repeat" property in CSS would work nicely in the Properties/Image window, so you could set if it repeats along the X and/or the Y axis.


2006-09-11 21:35

reporter   ~0012488

I'd like something like in Inkscape, I think it's pretty powerfull, to set as a fill rule. But I'd prefer the placement/angle/scale of the background to be able to be set in the menu with, not just the "thing" there is in Inkscape, and this "widget" to be *in* the object by default, as opposed to Inkscape where you have to hunt for it in a complex drawing.

These are my only thoughts for now on the subject.

I guess maybe a repeat tool for gradients while we're at it or something.


2006-09-17 22:27

administrator   ~0012549

Have now implemented pattern fills mostly, only the placement/angle/scale settings are missing. But i've stumbled across an unexpected problem: If you have nested patterns (a pattern build with items which also use pattern fill) and one of the patterns inside the pattern is rotated, the display in Ghostscript and Acrobat Reader 5 + 7 differ. Ghostscript seems to ignore the rotation of the inner pattern. View the attached PDF in Ghostscript and Acrobat Reader to see the difference.

What to do? Should i code it to satisfy Ghostscript or Acrobat Reader?

2006-09-17 22:29


Dokument-1.pdf (2,988 bytes)


2006-09-17 22:44

reporter   ~0012551

Last edited: 2006-09-17 22:48

I'd say we should have the most flexible option, so Acrobat.

Maybe it's an overlook from Ghostscript? How about submitting them a bug or something? :S

Edit: Oh and great job! This is looking excellent! Thanks a lot! :)


2006-09-19 20:11

administrator   ~0012571

Now you can control the angle, scale and offset of the pattern fills for every object.


2006-09-19 20:12

administrator   ~0012572

BTW you can use the GIMP patterns too.


2006-09-19 22:25

reporter   ~0012573

I'm not sure as to why, but the angle is stuck at 0° for me.


2006-09-20 06:08

administrator   ~0012575

Does your rotation control show a ° symbol, if yes you have the first version. The rotation issue should be fixed now.


2006-09-20 07:24

reporter   ~0012576

That's right, it's fixed now.

I tried overprinting a pattern and a normal rectangular shape. I'm not sure as to why but Acroread displays the following error: "Could not find the Extended Graphics State named 'RE0'".


2006-09-20 09:13

administrator   ~0012577

Overprint issue is fixed now.


2006-09-24 22:11

administrator   ~0012601

Franz, is it possible to add a feature ("chain") that keeps the scaling ratio for X and Y (like in X,Y,Z or in the image tab) here? Makes sense IMHO.


2006-09-24 22:29

administrator   ~0012603

... and custom names for patterns would also help, especially if frame contents are sent to the patterns. I could think of three not mutually exclusive possibilities to do this:

1) A dialog that opens after using the context menu to send content to the patterns.

2) Using a special context menu in the Edit > Patterns dialog and/or the PP/Colour/Patterns dialog: Delete, Rename

3) Creating an Extra > Manage patterns entry to manage patterns in a document.


2006-09-24 23:07

administrator   ~0012604

Edit PAatterns, Colours, Profiles, etc will move into Edit->Resources once Resource Manager gets written.


2006-09-24 23:13

administrator   ~0012605

Great! It's getting better and better :)


2006-09-28 21:10

administrator   ~0012686

Have added the chaining button now.

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