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0003577ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2006-04-21 08:15
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Summary0003577: Automatic break options
DescriptionIt could be helpful sometimes to be able to specify for either a text passage or a frame that, for instance, paragraphs should always be kept together in the same frame or column, so that a partial paragraph at the end automatically breaks to the next (if any) linked frame. I can see this being useful when making lists, for instance, and you want all of an item to be kept together on a page (like non-breaking blocks but applied to all paragraphs automatically). A variation would be break after n paragraphs (similar to options in 0003576 except without the resize).

Similarly, balanced columns which automatically break text across them so that they are all the same length would be a nice feature. As I recall WordPerfect supported this as of version 6 (c. 1995) :).
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duplicate of 0001155 acknowledged Support non-breakable text blocks 
related to 0003576 closed size-to-fit options for text and frames 


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