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0003576ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2006-04-07 12:01
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Summary0003576: size-to-fit options for text and frames
DescriptionI think it would be nice to have some options to make content fit frames exactly automatically. This would include fit to frame for (non-linked) text, like is available for images, with maybe options for whether to do it by scaling everything or increasing word spacing, line spacing, etc. A somewhat special, but useful case is fitting a single line of text or word, like a header, to a frame (forced-justify doesn't do anything for single words, and options to scale using tracking, font size, or character width or height adjustments and for whether to fit to frame width, height, or both would all be useful).

The flip side of this is automatically scaling frames to fit content, like you can for image frames only automatically updating. For text, you would specify to fix the width, height, or aspect ratio of the frame as well as a fixed reference point (like the coordinate basepoint selector but an independent setting for each frame), and then the frame size would adjust to fit text as it's added or deleted. Alternate settings (which would work with linked text) to size to fit a given number of paragraphs or lines (i.e., adapts if the line spacing is changed) could also be nice in some cases (and I suppose for completeness we could add scale text to make n paragraphs, etc. fit in the frame).

Incidentally these two options need not be mutually exclusive: enabling one or the other should disable manual updates of the sized-to-fit quantity, but enabling both would allow either to be adjusted manually with the other adjusted automatically to match.
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duplicate of 0001069 closedjghali Auto-adjust size of text box to the text 
related to 0003577 closed Automatic break options 



2006-04-06 17:58

reporter   ~0009673

This would be related to the request I recall seeing somewhere to center text vertically in a frame.


2006-04-06 20:59

reporter   ~0009676

Oops, sorry, I didn't see all the other requests for this. :(
I do think setting a fixed reference point to control how a frame expands or shrinks would be helpful.

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