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0003622ScribusDocumentationpublic2016-12-06 15:06
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Summary0003622: Allow Scribus to search for additional directories for docs
DescriptionIn current versions of Scribus, additional docs like Niyam's tutorial have to be copied into the "tutorials" directory to be found by the help browser. It would be fine to enable the use of other directories as well. That way, different versions of Scribus could share a set of docs, provided, the menu.xml file is in the docs' directory.
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related to 0000830 closedcbradney Integration of 3rd party docs within Scribus 



2006-05-09 19:25

developer   ~0011175

I'm all for it, it should be easier to install additional docs. Two proposals:

1. An additional setting in the Prefs, where users could define the "Additional docs" directory to be searched for tutorials.


2. Scribus should search $home/.scribus/tutorials for additional docs.

In both cases, Scribus could use the current mechanism of searching the subdirectories for menu.xml. Craig?


2006-05-09 19:32

administrator   ~0011176

And system wide directory as a third option/addition: usr/share/doc/scribus


2006-05-09 19:33

administrator   ~0011177

What about Win32?


2006-05-09 19:36

developer   ~0011178

>>What about Win32?

They have their $home/.scribus too, or at least sth similar :)


2006-05-09 19:40

administrator   ~0011179

I know ;) I was thinking of the system wide directory for docs. "All Users"?


2016-01-19 12:23

updater   ~0038266

Greg, what are your thoughts on this? Especially given r20688 (btw, thank you for that :)


2016-01-20 15:29

developer   ~0038306

This is tricky when you consider the various OSes, and different levels of user skills.

The ability to use the Scribus manual from a browser, that I have added to 1.5.1svn may be a bridge. It shows people how to access the manual from their own browser, and consequently, they can access their own custom docs/pages in the same way.

Let me experiment with the idea of putting a placekeeper HTML doc inside .scribus to see if we might have a way to access this from menu.xml. It would still then require users to add to the placekeeper their own links.


2016-03-07 13:42

updater   ~0039024

gpittman, how did the experiment workout ?


2016-12-06 13:19

updater   ~0042720

@gpittman ping


2016-12-06 14:33

developer   ~0042721

It's a bit of a secret, or perhaps forgotten information, that inside the source docs there is a file, scribus-manual.xsl, which along with some modifications of menu.xml (which are already in place) allows anyone to access the manual from any browser.
All you have to do is point your browser to pathtoScribus/doc/en/menu.xml, and you have full access to the manual without ever running Scribus.
Since this file isn't included in the instructions for copying, it's only in source code for now.

I don't know if anyone else sees the utility in this, but it may be one avenue to pursue and develop. I think we're waiting for the final decisions to be made about where the docs will go.

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