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0003642ScribusUsabilitypublic2016-05-11 00:04
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Product Version1.3.3 
Summary0003642: flip/mirror rotated objects in non-rotated directions
DescriptionWith the horizontal and vertical flip buttons in properties it is currently possible to flip a shape within its (possibly rotated) frame. It would be convenient to also be able to flip something like the arrow shape, for instance, along absolute horizontal and vertical axes.

Consistency note: the flip buttons now appear to serve a dual role: for text frames the flip status is persistent, as it actually means something to the text inside, but for everything else they seem to just serve as convenient mirror buttons. Along these lines this suggestion seems a logical extension. However, it could be considered desirable to keep that set of properties buttons for persistent properties, in which case the existing flip buttons should be disabled for non-text and all one-time "mirror" functions, either up in the geometry frame of the same properties tab and/or on a separate toolbar.
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2006-04-13 17:10

reporter   ~0009893

And if "mirror" functions were moved to the geometry field, it would then make sense to draw the axes through the current basepoint, not always the center of the frame.... :)


2006-04-22 03:43

reporter   ~0010292

The last line of the description should read " which case the existing flip buttons should be disabled for non-text, and all one-time "mirror" functions moved somewhere else, either up to the geometry frame of the same properties tab and/or to a separate toolbar."


2006-04-22 10:04

developer   ~0010303

Last edited: 2006-04-22 10:04

mkoren: I'm not sure, if you can see the "Update issue" button as I can, but changing the description of your bugs would be much better for us -- who try to find out, what is it all about in a reasonable amount of time, -- than adding these notes to your own bugs. Just update the description, if you notice, you've missed something, please


2006-04-22 10:49

developer   ~0010304

mhanski: only updaters and developers can perfom such actions. normal users can reopen bugs, create/edit notes and add themselves to the view list, but thats it.


2006-04-22 11:13

developer   ~0010305

I see.

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