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0003662ScribusUsabilitypublic2006-12-26 00:25
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Status closedResolutionwon't fix 
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Product Version1.3.3.1 
Summary0003662: Misleading dialog: "File > Open"
DescriptionThe current open file dialog is misleading. While it only shows sla and scd files, odg, sxd, eps, ps, svg, svgz, and pdf are also listed, but these can only be imported.
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related to 0003571 closedfschmid File->Open offers all registered file formats, even PDF 
related to 0002931 acknowledged Metabug: SVG 



2006-04-16 14:09

reporter   ~0010032

I'm not a big fan of this myself, but IIRC it is an intentional behaviour that was put in place because people wanted it.


2006-04-16 14:39

administrator   ~0010033

Why would anybody want a confusing dialog?


2006-04-16 19:22

administrator   ~0010038

PDF is the only one there that doesnt autocreate a document.


2006-12-26 00:25

administrator   ~0014237

PDF is no longer in the list, and when it does we will be able to edit PDF.. whenever that may be. File Open directly is a shortcut to creating a document of the size of the source file.

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