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Summary0003692: Can we have margin and Bleed
DescriptionAt the moment to implement bleed for a doc that is to be printed commercially. The user needs to simulate bleed by oversizing the document and setting the Margin or some Guides back to trimmed sized.

A4 = 214 x 301 with Margins/Guides set to Y/2mm, Y/212mm and X/2mm, X/299mm for a 2mm bleed all round.

Can a bleed setting be implemented, like the one in InDesign.

A4 = 210 x 297 with Bleed set to Y/-2mm, Y/212mm and X/-2mm, X/299mm for a 2mm bleed all round.

Also the ability to produce Crop and Bleed marks when outputting PDF would be nice.
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duplicate of 0000129 closedfschmid Bleed functionality 
duplicate of 0000194 closedfschmid Crop marks and separations crosses 



2006-04-23 08:58

developer   ~0010355

dreeba: there are already 2 feature requests for this, please add your remarks there

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