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0003723ScribusUsabilitypublic2016-05-14 20:27
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Product Version1.3 
Summary0003723: modifier key to override snap to grid
Descriptionso I can perform a one-time move of an object without it snapping without having to turn off snap, then turn it back on again. Also on a dense grid for dragging an object quickly to a general location or trying out a placement visually without the tentative-snap jerkiness.
Tagsshortcuts, snapping


related to 0003726 closedfschmid first corner of new frame doesn't snap to guides 
related to 0003725 closedjghali wrong snapping when resizing objects off page 
related to 0011038 closed snap to items also for the baseline 
related to 0002899 acknowledged snap to baseline grid 



2006-04-29 22:24

administrator   ~0010661

Very good idea!


2006-04-30 09:01

administrator   ~0010678

Alternatively, set a short cut for turning Snap grid/guides on/off quickly.


2006-05-01 21:53

reporter   ~0010752

Yes, that would also help. But I think for the second case--dragging an object freely until you get to the exact gridline you want to snap to--a modifier would be easier to use, if they haven't all been exhausted already.

It might function as a toggle too, so that snapping could be momentarily turned on if off as well.

This is also mentioned, along with a comment by louisdesjardins about individual-guideline snapping, in the discussion at the end of 0002899.


2006-07-27 23:24

developer   ~0012019

I would like to have a modifier key for temporary disabling snapping to anything (both grid and guidelines) while moving and resizing, too.


2006-07-28 02:00

reporter   ~0012020

How about combining L and R click?

I'm not sure about having it as a modifier, but if there's one free, why not.


2008-10-23 08:00

reporter   ~0020490

I'd prefer Ctrl, Alt or Shift (to be pressed while dragging) as a modifier key.

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