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0003759ScribusGeneralpublic2006-05-08 16:33
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Platformx86OSSuse 10.0OS VersionCVS 1.3.4
Summary0003759: Separate document colors from palettes.
DescriptionRight now I feel the way document colors is a bit strange and not very powerful to handle user-made palettes. I'd rather have documents to only open with say, black, white and registration by default, and have the ability to open palettes individually to seek for colors instead of having to deal with all the colors from the default palette.
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related to 0000612 closedfschmid the order of the colors 
related to 0001141 acknowledged Place a divider in the colorlist in the properties palette between used and unused colors 
related to 0002427 closedchristoph_s improve the color manager dialog 
child of 0004413 acknowledged Metabug: Colors 



2006-05-08 11:46


that's right. there are too many colours in default pallette. there should be simple small default pallette (black, white, registration, maybe red, green, blue, yellow - in cmyk values - and maybe clear cmyk colours, however it is not neccessary). other pallettes should be additional with possibility to copy colours to the default pallette (as from colour wheel)


2006-05-08 12:12

developer   ~0011101

Bug 0000612 is just about that.

Also, relates to 0001141 and 0002427

I agree this should be fixed. I think the actual bug can be considered as a duplicate of 0000612.

Just as a reminder, I think there should be no more than 9 colors in the default set. CMYK + RGB + Registration + White ...then the ones created by the user.


2006-05-08 16:33

developer   ~0011103

Louis: i would rather leave this one as a separate rfe for obvious reasons -- 0000612 refers to "the order of colours", and this one has a clearly defined, other subject.

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