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0003795ScribusShape Drawingpublic2016-05-13 14:10
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Product Version1.3 
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Summary0003795: add to or combine bezier curves/polylines make a single polyline object. You can make as many segments of a bezier curve as you want when you create it, but you can only add to it with the node editor, not the bezier tool.
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related to 0000889 acknowledged inverse bezier tool handling 
related to 0013990 new Node Editor lacks keyboard shortcuts 



2008-02-06 18:56

administrator   ~0018902

Do we really need this in a layout program?


2008-02-06 21:58

reporter   ~0018911

I think it would be a good feature in scribus.


2016-04-08 11:59

manager   ~0039903

are we talking a modifier key that will change the state of the mouse so that when you click it will delete a bezier 'node' ?

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