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0003857ScribusFontspublic2006-05-23 00:00
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Summary0003857: Easy access to all fonts used in a document
DescriptionIt would be really fine if users had a possiblity to have a quick look at all fonts (and font faces) used in a document for two purposes:

a) an easy overview of all fonts used

b) the possibility to quickly apply one of the fonts already used to a text frame.

I can think of a list, perhaps at the bottom bar and/or the new properties palette.

This will become even more important, once the "Style" menu is gone, as was announced on the list.
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2006-05-22 23:45

administrator   ~0011424

For a) it would be nice to have that information in File->Docuemnt Setup->Fonts.

For b) the font combos should list the used fonts first.


2006-05-23 00:00

administrator   ~0011425


a) needs to be available from somewhere else, much faster to reach (a shortcut perhaps). This is some kind of quick and important info power users will appreciate.

b) sounds good.

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