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0003889ScribusGeneralpublic2006-06-03 23:43
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Summary0003889: wish: name textfields and images automatically

it would be great to have some objects automatically named, not just with "Text10" or "Image234" but with the first letters of the text or the name of the image -- and the name changing automatically when you change the image or the text -- except you edited the name manually!

What do you think of this idea? Did you actually get what i tried to get at?

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2006-06-03 23:34

administrator   ~0011566

Yes, I understand, but renaming items on the fly might not be a good idea...

Also there is no fool proof way to extract meaningful names from headings or filenames.
DSC10, DSC234, ... are not really an improvement.


2006-06-03 23:43

reporter   ~0011567

hmm for those things i design with scribus i usually have named pictures, because i don't use it for image galleries, where it really would by DSC232 ... so when i insert a pic into scribus it usually has got a clear name..

and it's easier to identify a text, which name begins with "In 2003 American soldiers went into Iraq" than just a name "Text239"

...I agree that it COULD be bad, when objects are changing names all the time, but i thought of these times where i first have picture "Mum.tif" but later change it to "Dad.tif" .. would be practical when the name changes automatically.

But when i inserted "Mum.tif" and changed the name of the picture-field in Scribus manually to "Mother" it wouldnt change to "Dad.tif" anymore when i select theother pic... got the point?

But you could insert such a function optionally...

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