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0003992ScribusPrintingpublic2008-12-21 23:59
Reportercyberpatrol Assigned Tofschmid  
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OSGentoo LinuxOS Version2006.0 
Product Version1.3.3.2cvs 
Summary0003992: Scribus ignores printer options
DescriptionScribus ignores the printer options which are set in File -> Print... -> Button "Options" in the frame "Printer selection".

I've set standard options for cups with lpoptions, among others lpoptions -o number-up=2.

When I choose "1 page per sheet" ("1 Seite pro Blatt" in the German version) in the printer options dialog it should call cups (lp) with the option -o number-up=1 but instead the page is printed with my standard option -o number-up=2.

Workaround at least for KDE users is using kprinter as an alternative printing command.
Steps To Reproduce1. Switch to a console (bash)
2. Enter the command `lpoptions -o media=A4 -o outputorder=reverse -o number-up=2 -o prettyprint=true" (I guess -o number-up=2 should be sufficient)
3. In Scribus open the print dialog (File -> Print... or the print button)
4. Press button "Options" in the frame "Printer selection"
5. Choose "1 pager per sheet" (I don't know how it's named correctly in the English version)
6. Press button "OK" of course ;-)
7. Press button "Print"
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2008-12-21 23:59

reporter   ~0020812

Just wanted to ask about the state of this bug.

This bug is still present in Scribus after 2 1/2 years, and it's really annoying, escpecially because I can't use kprinter anymore due to a switch from KDE to Xfce.

It would be nice, if this bug could be fixed.

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