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0000405ScribusGeneralpublic2005-07-24 18:34
Reporterlinuxlingam Assigned Tofschmid  
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PlatformAthlonXPOSFedoraOS VersionCore 1
Product Version1.1.6 
Fixed in Version1.3.1cvs 
Summary0000405: drag rulers to measure things
Descriptioni can measure things with the Properties dialog, but i'd love to drag rulers (not just guides) to set the zero point on an object or coordinate on the page, and then measure things in relation. would be great to have this. thanks.
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has duplicate 0000668 closedplinnell dragable ruler-startpoint 
has duplicate 0001417 closedcbradney Allow user to reset position of zero of rulers... 



2004-05-16 03:48

viewer   ~0001482

Current CVS has a new measurement tool, which not only gives distances between objects, but angles and more.. Would this be satisfactory? The new tool is very functional IMO


2004-05-16 14:01

viewer   ~0001486

Reminder sent to linuxlingam


2004-05-16 16:02

viewer   ~0001488

The angle measurements are incorrect in inches,picas and mm, but work fine in pts.


2004-05-16 20:29

reporter   ~0001492

the drag ruler is an intuitive way of measuring things, aligning things, that is 'hands-on' and so important. what makes any graphic design tool 'great' is if it is designed as close to the designer's intuitive process as possible. designers love rulers to measure things in the physical world. the properties ruler and measurement has its own important purpose. but visually, the ruler marks an object or point, as 'zero' and you can visually see distances and sizes of objects and other points *instantly* and go on adding, moving, and modifying objects in relation to this point. this is intuitive and process-friendly. try it and you'll see designers loving it.


2005-07-24 18:34

viewer   ~0005695

Tested and they work exactly as expected.

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