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0004098ScribusPDFpublic2006-08-05 11:21
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Summary0004098: PDF export: acroread gives "a number is out of range" error
DescriptionWhile viewing the PDF produced by scribus Acroread (7.0.8) freezes/loops with the message "a number is out of range".
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related to 0004099 closedKunda preflight check for font related problems 


2006-08-03 11:13


Layout_A5_v9.sla.gz (206,159 bytes)

2006-08-03 11:45


Layout_A5_v9.pdf.7z (1,386,391 bytes)


2006-08-03 11:57

viewer   ~0012098

All I did was replace FreeFonts and DejaVu fonts with Georgia, Gentium and in some cases Andale Mono as test as they have good Cyrillic coverage. Acro Reader 7.08 opens the exported file fine.

To be honest, a lot of the fonts shipped with Mandrake/Mandrivia are not really high quality print fonts. I have seen issue with FreeFonts before as well. You might want to try the latest DejaVu fonts release, as there were many kerning fixes in the last release. has a bit more explanation and some recommended fonts.

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