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0004123ScribusPrintingpublic2006-08-30 12:59
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Summary0004123: Creating Documents could automatically set printing (CUPS) options
DescriptionOn list today in thread 'Why won't it print right?' someone asked "What is the magic sequence to get a landscape document to print landscape?". I suggest it makes sense for these options to be syncronised automatically. Tsoots mentioned there may be some other possible attributes to be synchronized not only orientation.
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2006-08-30 12:59

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While it may seem intuitive to the end user, there is a danger here: Scribus creates 'printer neutral' documents.

This 'feature' of embedding the default print setup of whatever machine creates the doc creates the can of worms which Word users suffer when exchanging documents. To an extend this is also a failing of Pagemaker too.

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