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0000415ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2022-04-07 13:08
Reporterlinuxlingam Assigned To 
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
PlatformAthlonXPOSFedoraOS VersionCore 1
Product Version1.3 
Summary0000415: rules above or below paras request
Descriptionneed to set rules above or below para, according to width of column/para, or a defined unit of measurement, with appropriate alignment.
Tagshorizontal rule, overline, underline


has duplicate 0000211 confirmed Ability to add before and after vertical space to a paragraph without using a style 



2004-04-09 07:47

reporter   ~0000993

I do not understand the description.

What is meant with rules? A ruler for measurement? I cannot see that this is a dublicate of bug 211.


2004-04-09 07:53

administrator   ~0000995

No, but the ability to specify distances and vertical spacing above/below paragraphs is part of this bug.


2010-03-03 06:59

developer   ~0023447

This is a *must have* feature. It should make it into the Style Manager as part of paragraph styles. Do we have plans for this kind on things on a short-term horizon?


2012-02-13 22:21

developer   ~0027692

I agree.

Vertical space should be possible before or after a paragraph on any single paragraph. It now requires to create a style to do so, even for a single paragraph.


2012-02-13 22:29

developer   ~0027693

This is a duplicate of 0000211 but 0000211 has a much clearer and self understandable title... and 0000211 comes before 0000415 !

So i suggest to reopen 0000211 and to mark this 0000415 as duplicate of 0000211 !


2012-02-14 00:13

developer   ~0027695

Last edited: 2012-02-14 00:15

I think that both RFE are quite different, in fact.

0000211 asks that space before and after paragraph be enabled in the PP and not only in the Style dialog. This makes much sense to me and is part of a wider RFE that asks for adequation between both PP and Style Manager.

Current "0000415: rules above or below paras request" ask for rules (or lines) above and below paragraphs. This also makes much sense but it is really a different feature. It's not about space, it's about lines.

Code wise one would maybe be affected by the other, or one might be a preliminary condition to the other, but that's the developers to tell. From the user perspective, those two things are different. Also, actually, both features should not affect each other. The space is the space and the line is the line. You want more or less space between paragraphs and you want a line to hang under or over a paragraph at a certain distance. These are clearly 2 settings that you want to control independtly from each other.


2012-02-14 20:01

developer   ~0027697

ok i dont understand this 415 bug then.

As for rulers, i imagine vertical rulers on the left of the page could be used so as to set vertical space before and after current paragraph, in the same way an horizontal rule is used to set the first line indent or the tab places and species.

As for 0000211, it should be reopened (when it is *not* a duplicate of this 415).


2012-02-14 20:36

developer   ~0027698

We're talking about horizontal lines above or below paragraphs.

This is not about rulers to help set the position of any object on the page.

Think of a divider line for instance. There are numerous cases where these would be used.

The workaround is to draw manually lines and position them with precision but as soon as you edit the text, the line will not move with its paragraph.

You can try to draw a line and make it an inline object (pasting the line in the text) but the process does not garantee much control over the position of the line with regards to the paragraph.


2016-05-31 17:46

reporter   ~0041583

@louisdesjardins' explanation nailed it: I would *love* to see Scribus functionality updated to include Paragraph Rules (over- and under-). PageStream implements for paragraph rules:

* Any paragraph may have
* May be incorporated into a paragraph style
* Includes separate controls for over-rule, and under-rule.
* Each rule may have it's own color, and line weight (line type would be nice, too).
* Each rule has an offset from text (e.g. a 0pt offset is at text baseline)
* Each rule has a width expressed as a percentage of the text column.


2022-04-07 13:08

reporter   ~0049615

To be sure, replying to the first message above, "rule" refers to a horizontal line, of the width of the paragraph.

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