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0004215ScribusUsabilitypublic2006-09-22 22:47
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Summary0004215: Shorcut for frame margins - current method (using edit shape) unintuitive
DescriptionThe edit shape tool for altering frames is an extremely powerful facility, and the +/- 10% buttons work quite well for altering frame margins. However, new users find this quite difficult to discover (it's a significant FAQ on the list).

It might be nice to offer a shortcut method to alter the contour line in the "shape" tab of the properties palette by specifying top, left, bottom and right margin values on rectangular frames. On other frame shapes or frames where the contour line had been hand edited these would be disabled with a tooltip telling the user to edit the contour line with "Edit shape" instead.

By providing these t/l/b/r fields it'd be easier for users of other DTP tools to quickly get a grip on frame margins without removing the full power of edit shape for altering the contour line. It'd also, handily, let people enter margins using Scribus's smart text fields and multiple units support.
Additional InformationUI/usability suggestion only.
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2006-09-19 03:18

reporter   ~0012569

Good idea. For other shapes there could still maybe be two options "constant offset" and "proportional offset"--the latter of which I guess would work like said +/-10% thing in node editor (starting from the frame shape).


2006-09-22 01:11

administrator   ~0012590

I'd vote for a new tab in the (yet-to-come) new properties palette: Separate runaround/text flow from the rest and add the opportunity to set the values for t/b/l/r separately. One could also think about a separate tab for columns that'd be only available for text frames (as a part of the PP redesign). The "shape" tab would then include the current "Edit shape" dialog.

IMHO, this would prevent a lot of confusion and much noise on the mailing list and other forums.

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