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0004261ScribusPDFpublic2006-10-08 09:32
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Summary0004261: PDF-Comments used as links are invisible in exported PDF
DescriptionWhenever I mark some text as link which, when clicked, should lead the user to another page within the document, the text-link in the exported pdf is not visible, though the link is still there and works (mouse-pointer changes and document skips to the right page). This ocurred in Sribus version and, with PDF version 1.4 and 1.5. I did not try other combinations. I use Acrobat Reader version 7 to view the documents, but I also tried xpdf with the same result.
Steps To ReproduceCreate new document with several pages. Insert some text on the first page, mark it as PDF-Comment, set it to type = Link, chose some other page within the document as target and then export the pdf: The link becomes invisible.
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2006-09-17 10:38


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2006-09-17 20:10

administrator   ~0012547

Yep, that's the way pdf links are working. You must use 2 objects. One for the text of the link, and then the link object above the text.


2006-09-18 01:56

reporter   ~0012554

That's really a PDF implementation detail though. Couldn't Scribus abstract that so the user can make any object a PDF link, and Scribus will automatically create both the normal object (for visual appearance) and the PDF link object when it outputs the PDF?


2006-09-18 12:39

reporter   ~0012558

Oh, maybe I should have read a little bit more about PDF. Still it seems strange to me, I didn't expect that it was default behaviour. What's the use of invisible links? It would be a good idea to abstract the link-feature in Scribus, though this is certainly not one of the most important things to do. However, sorry for bothering you.


2006-10-08 09:32

administrator   ~0012846

Last edited: 2006-10-08 09:32

Have played around a bit with appearance streams today. For link annotations they are ignored by Acrobat Reader. :-( Thats documented in Implementation Note 79 in the Appendix H of the PDF-References.

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