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0004287ScribusStylespublic2006-11-17 01:34
Reporterwagenaar Assigned Toavox  
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Platformi386-x64OSLinuxOS VersionUbuntu 6.06
Product Version1.3.3.3 
Summary0004287: Align to baseline grid makes line spacing equal grid spacing instead of least greater multiple
DescriptionIn older versions (e.g. 1.2.4), selecting "Align to baseline grid" in Edit Paragraph Style aligned the baseline of each line of type to the baseline grid, with the "line spacing" treated as a minimum. I.e., if line spacing was set to, e.g. 36 pt, and the baseline grid spacing was 10 pt, the next line would be 40 pt away from the current line. I believe that is the correct behavior. In version, the next line will be only 10 pt away from the current line, making lines overlap.
Steps To ReproduceCreate a Paragraph style with a font larger than the baseline grid spacing, and enable "Align to baseline grid".
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has duplicate 0010050 closedjghali if paragraph "align to base grid" and text is higher, lines overlap 
has duplicate 0010159 closedjghali Baseline behaviour is awkward when character height is of similar value 



2006-10-05 02:54

reporter   ~0012799

I was just wishing it worked like that yesterday myself.

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