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0004379ScribusDownload Managerpublic2016-05-21 17:59
Reporterchristoph_s Assigned Tocbradney  
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Product Version1.3.4cvs 
Target Version1.6 milestone 
Summary0004379: Basic pattern sets for inclusion in Scribus
DescriptionNow that Scribus supports patterns, it'd be nice to include some basic pattern sets, just as is the case with swatches. I have created tarballs with the default GIMP patterns (*.pat), OO.o patterns (the jpgs only), and the Open Clipart patterns (*png). They all work fine as patterns in Scribus. Once the create project's directory structure is a reality in most distros, shipping them with Scribus may no longer be necessary, but for the time being, it could be useful to have them installed by default to ~/share/scribus/patterns.
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related to 0008823 closedcbradney New non modal resource manager 


2006-10-08 22:05


patterns-gimp.tar.bz2 (690,431 bytes)

2006-10-08 22:06


patterns-ooca.tar.bz2 (66,409 bytes)

2006-10-08 22:07


patterns-ooo.tar.bz2 (304,987 bytes)


2006-10-08 22:38

administrator   ~0012852

Not really worth 1mb for patterns tho.. create just needs to release!


2006-10-08 23:09

administrator   ~0012854

It need not be the whole caboodle, maybe just a few to give newbies something to play and to see how it works. Just as is the case with the ICC profiles.

>>>create just needs to release!

And that will be when (just curious)?


2006-10-09 18:41

administrator   ~0012870

No idea.. seems to be no momentum.. spose I need to do the CMake installer too.


2015-02-05 13:46

updater   ~0034447

Making a notation that this may be 'Download Manager' related.


2015-02-09 02:13

updater   ~0034463

Changed to new 'Download Manager' category


2016-05-21 17:58

updater   ~0041289

punting to craig

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