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Summary0004384: Improved support for long documents
DescriptionI am currently working with Ventura 10.0 for long documents (more then 500 pages). I´ve currently tried Scribus and think that it has a great potential also for long documents, but a few more functions are needed for that:

1. A function to number paragraph tags (mostly headings) automatically. In Ventura the number is given its own paragraph tag, but that is not necessary. It is best if the numbering is possible to do in levels, for examples 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 2.1 ...
2. The possibility to make separate chapters inside a publication. Each chapter could have its own numbering.
3. An INDEX funcion. In Ventura the words to be included is marked up in the text before the Index is generated, a very simple and fast method. The INDEX can have several levels and cross references.
4. A choice to import pictures with a link instead of adding the picture file to the document file. That saves space and greatly reduces the time of updating pictures.
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2006-10-09 17:49

developer   ~0012867

4) is already in scribus. adding an image file to a document is not possible.


2006-10-09 19:46

viewer   ~0012872

4. Is by design. We do not allow any embedding of images in the Scribus files.


2006-10-11 04:04

reporter   ~0012901

You will find that performance is not acceptable for such long documents at present anyway, though I think that'll improve.

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