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Summary0004484: TOC generation: Several issues
DescriptionTOC generations has several small issues which diminish its usability. I'm intentionally listing them all in one report, to demonstrate how they influence each other within the TOC workflow (see also the attached movie and .sla file):

1. File/Document Setup/Document Item Attributes dialog: The user is forced to create the "TOC" record manually -- an unnecessary task, please create one for him. The entry should be there by default.

2. Please create the "TOC" record in "Document Item Attributes", write "TOC" into the "Name" field, and click on "OK" -- after reopening the same dialog again, the "TOC" entry in the "Name" field is not there. The workaround is to click into another field before hitting OK, but it's ugly and it's an error anyway.

3. Go now to File/Document Setup/Table of Contents and Indexes and add a new TOC: You will be able to define the target frame, but you won't be able to choose a paragraph style. Workaround: hit OK and enter the dialog again, the paragraph styles will be there now. Error.

4. If you create first the TOC entry in "Document Item Attributes" and enter immediately the "Table of Contents and Indexes" subsection, you won't be able to add a TOC. You have to leave the Document Setup dialog first. Error.

5. TOC target frame: Assign in Properties a paragraph style to a target frame and generate a TOC -- Scribus will ignore the assigned paragraph style, it will only recognise the style from "Document Setup/Table of Contents and Indexes", even if there is none.

6. Frames containing titles: Scribus should take the content of title frames for TOC entries and shouldn't force users to enter a new title to enter in "Page Item Attributes/TOC/Value". I.e., if the the field "Value" is empty, Scribus should take the whole content of the title frame.

I was forced to enter 3 times the "Document Setup" dialog to accomplish a simple task, that should be doable in one run (please watch the movie). There is much space for improvement.
Additional InformationScreencast movie which shows the whole procedure:

See also the Wiki howto:
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2006-11-05 19:14


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2012-06-18 20:13

manager   ~0028204

not sure if these issue are still valid once we have a style based TOC.

do we then want to have the old way of doing, too?

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