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0001371ScribusPlug-inspublic2014-06-11 08:40
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Summary0001371: Considering writing plugin to generate TOCs, Indexes, and "Continued on pg ... " messages
DescriptionI am considering writing a plugin to make generating Tables of Contents, Indexes, and magazine-style "Story continued on page ..." messages easier. Since I am not all that familiar with Scribus at this point, I'm not sure if this feature already exists.

Simply put, the main idea is to use PDF links (or text box linking for the "Continued on ..." messages), and to follow those links to guarantee that the page numbers listed in TOC entries, etc. will be correct and automatically updated. Of course the GUI-side of things also has to be considered to make the whole operation intuitive.
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2004-12-09 15:27

administrator   ~0003075

This is planned for the 1.3 development series, and the way we have planned it there will be the ability to add tags to any frame that can be used for thing like TOC entries etc. Your input is certainly worth it then. I think Petr has already got one partially working as a gap fill until 1.3 has it though.


2004-12-09 22:44

administrator   ~0003081

>I appreciate your quick response on this. I'll go back to thinking up new >plug-ins to write, then.

I/We dont wish to discourage you at all. If you have specific requirements or ideas for this kind of generator, we are all ears.


2004-12-10 07:00

manager   ~0003085

yes I have small plug creating Table of Contents (or images...) for 1.2x series. It isn't systematic but working (not so) quite well. And it needs manual polishing after creating ToC. I'm sure it will be dropped in 1.3x so I don't want to make useless work.
I think I'll make it public in 10-12 days (as xmass devil-present for you ;))


2004-12-10 14:37

reporter   ~0003091

Sounds good. I don't have much by way of requirements. I had simply been thinking of LaTeX's ability to reference page numbers (for the TOC), Quark XPress's wierd system for dealing with "continued on" messages (at least I thought v. 3's "continued on" system was wierd, I don't know if it's changed since then), and how the Chicago Manual of Style recommended using index cards to make indexes. I figured the three things were conceptually-related, and that a decent interface would make the TOCs and indexes easier.

I had figured that if the file format didn't include anything like pointers, I would abuse XML comments to notify the application that a particular page number had been auto-generated. If the plug-in became semi-popular, the file format could be extended so that the abuse could end. Yes, I know where the file format is documented, and I've skimmed it. But, since desktop publishing is complicated, so is the file format, and I hadn't yet had the chance to take a close look.


2004-12-10 14:48

administrator   ~0003092

The current format is XML-based. Not sure if it would ignore added strings. We are developing a new format, and this will allow for extra properties on page items.


2004-12-31 01:49

reporter   ~0003304

OK, I've been waiting, and I've been looking, and I haven't come across subik's "xmass devil-present." Is it up?


2004-12-31 06:51

manager   ~0003305


it's CVS still. I've got some thoughts for improvement - later this weekend.


2004-12-31 13:44

reporter   ~0003306

Thanks. Now getting and reading.


2006-04-12 15:06

developer   ~0009862

creatinc of TOC and index is possible in Scribus now, may we resolve this one?


2006-04-23 22:25

administrator   ~0010383

The "Continued ..." feature is still missing, I suppose ...


2007-12-16 03:22

reporter   ~0018314

I didn't realize this report was still open. I can't see a way to close it, but anybody with that level of access should feel free to do so.


2007-12-16 15:46

administrator   ~0018320

No reason to close it. Indexes etc. are not implemented yet.


2012-06-18 20:11

manager   ~0028203

cezary, please close this as soon as everything but (eventually) index is implemented.

if at the time of closing there is still no index functionality, please open a new request for it and link to this one.
(or we could just keep 0002663 open)


2014-06-11 08:40

developer   ~0032077

See also

- 0008796 : Style based TOC under construction, with C++ patch
- 0005975 : Wish: generate TOC from paragraph styles, with py script

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