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Summary0003349: A real support of footnotes
DescriptionA real support of footnotes is certainly a major feature for those who wants to use Scribus for works like books or thesis.
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2006-03-08 01:30

administrator   ~0009148

That's a longterm feature, though. We already have a lot of stuff coming up in 1.4, so I'd guess footnotes come after that.


2006-04-12 08:35

developer   ~0009829

Copied from the closed dup 492:

"Footnotes which stay on the same page as the associated word
Are there plans to implement Footnote in scribus?
What i'd like to see are footnotes which are wrap-senitive:
Footnote always stays on the same page as the footnoted word (example┬│), even if this word is pushed to a new page."


2008-07-26 17:38

reporter   ~0020046

Last edited: 2008-07-26 17:51

Implementing Footnotes should be pretty easy(for 1.3.6 or later):

One thing needed is an invisible metainformation in textframes for indexing. The text-rendering-engine should return the position of the meta-element in the text-frame.

This would allow footnotes from a table/database-entry to be displayed in another textframe on the same (master?-)page.

Such metainformation would improve indexing and eventually allow dynamic formatting(with scripting or conditional frame displaying/positioning, e.g. anchoring graphics to text).


2008-07-28 19:47

developer   ~0020056

It would be great for any books to be able to have mainly pages footnotes, but also chapter and book notes.

OOo and other deal well with footnotes
so scribus should import them truthfully.


2012-02-26 23:20


footnotes.jpg (140,337 bytes)   
footnotes.jpg (140,337 bytes)   


2012-02-26 23:25

updater   ~0027754

As you can see on attached screenshot work is in progress.
This is not addition to import filter - it is Scribus own engine for inserting footnotes with automatic reflow based on markers feature.
Of course reading footnotes from (at least) ODT files is the must and I have hope somebody do it when I upload base patch.


2012-06-18 06:33

manager   ~0028179

close to be merged into 1.5svn...

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