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Summary0003450: Real support for endnotes
DescriptionReal support for endnotes
Additional InformationThis is a part of a longer report I've received per mail from a Polish DTP professional (a pl.comp.dtp reader).
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2006-04-22 21:59

reporter   ~0010339

Last edited: 2006-04-22 22:02

Could you provide more information? I'm working on a design that incorporates Table of Contents, Indexes, Notes, Footnotes, and such and would be interested.

And also, if he/she wants, his/her email.


2006-04-23 17:45

developer   ~0010368

PlucAuclair: He (jm_sz) has been monitoring this RFE, so he should be getting all these notes. I'll send him your e-mail address off the bug tracker.

I can only add, what I would imagine to be desirable. We have this somewhat hidden, but working solution for creating tables of contents, see:

Automatic generation of footnotes, endnotes would make Scribus more suitable for creating books. The LyX like way of doing this would be: Insert/Footnote or Endnote/ a dialog would prompt for the note text. Footnotes would be created automamatically then, for the endnotes one would have to select Extras/Generate End Notes.


2006-04-23 18:28

administrator   ~0010369

In fact, you can already use end notes if you write your text in or StarOffice. You can create the end notes there, export to HTML and the import the file into Scribus:


2006-04-23 20:53

developer   ~0010374

christoph_s: this isn't necessarily what I would call support for end notes in _Scribus_ -- it's rather a really ugly workaround, and it's done in OpenOffice. Suffice to say, there is nothing automatic about them, once they are imported, they are treated as the simple text, speak: no automatic renumbering, if you put a new note inbetween; no automatic moving of the footnotes, if you decide to insert some new text, etc., etc. So I think, we really need this, the question is, what is the best way to implement them.


2006-04-23 23:10

administrator   ~0010386

I don't deny that it isn't necessary, quite the contrary! I only read that PLucAuclair is working on something, and he might need it now. Hence the hint to the really ugly workaround :)


2006-04-24 08:17

developer   ~0010391

christoph: ok, I got it :)


2006-04-24 13:55

viewer   ~0010412

This might be easier once the new text stuff is in.


2006-04-24 14:01

reporter   ~0010413

mhanski, I'm building this all around the Text Library design I gave a few pointers on in another RFE, so no more Generate End Notes (or generate anything anyway).


2006-04-24 14:13

developer   ~0010414

PLucAuclair: which RFE? I'd like to make a new relation


2006-04-24 14:32

reporter   ~0010417

0000245 but I wouldn't link it, it has no mention of notes in that preliminary version.


2006-04-24 14:48

developer   ~0010419

ok, i won't make a relation to 0000245


2012-06-22 13:55

updater   ~0028264

Solution is given in 0010730

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