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0004491ScribusUsabilitypublic2016-05-24 13:07
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Platformx86OSDebian/Ubuntu LinuxOS VersionSarge/Dapper
Product Version1.3.3.4 
Summary0004491: weirdness changing multiple selected objects with some objects locked
DescriptionTrying to change groups of objects on the canvas (i.e., through multiple selection) when some are locked but not all produces weird results. Resizing from a handle affects just the unlocked objects, changing the structure of the selection.

Moving and rotation are only allowed if the first selected item is unlocked (I'm getting tired of this kind of inconsistency). Moving then does the same thing as resizing--only moves unlocked items relative to the locked ones.

Rotation is actually applied correctly to the whole group, _including_ the locked objects. You get similar results from the PP.

In my opinion, all changes should be disabled when the selection includes any locked objects.


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2014-03-06 15:10

reporter   ~0031465

I tried to reproduce this in 1.4.3.svn but couldn’t: When I try to group a locked object with an unlocked object, I am warned about this and asked whether I want to lock all, unlock all, or cancel the grouping.

All is not fine, though. Group two locked objects and try to move the group by dragging it (by mouse): The group frame will move but the inner objects won’t, and parts of the inner objects that lie outside the group frame will become invisible. Try instead to move the group by entering new coordinates into the Properties window: The group and the inner objects (though locked) will move together.

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