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0004496ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2007-02-18 03:10
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Product Version1.3.3.4 
Summary0004496: don't auto-update fixed linespacing value with change of font size?
DescriptionWhen you change the font size in PP or the style editor, the linespacing is changed as well to 20% more than the new font size, or I presume whatever the automatic linespacing percentage is. You can change it back, but that wastes a lot of time with repeated changes.

Now on the other hand the current behavior can be useful sometimes when that's what you want, but wouldn't you then just select automatic mode? This way it's pretty hard to set a specific linespacing and have it stay that way (the baseline grid doesn't help for a specific frame or a frame not in line with it).

Is this the intended behavior?
Additional InformationProbably the best solution long-term is a checkbox to lock the ratio to a particular value--that would support automatic adjustment to more than one ratio in different frames, and leave the entered linespacing alone if not checked.
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2006-12-17 19:51

developer   ~0013986

Last edited: 2006-12-17 19:55

Agree. Although I don't think the proposed solution is viable. Instead, I think These options must be mutually exclusive. Either you select *Auto* linespacing and that's exactly what you get. You change the font, the linespace changes according to your Prefs settings. Either you set the *Fixed* linespace and this value will _not_ change automatically (why would it?) no matter whether there are any modification to the typesize.

At the present time, running 1.3.4 cvs (build of 13 december 2006) there is actually not much difference between auto and fixed linespacing except one can edit the linespacing value. Every time you change the font size, a new linespace value appears. Annoying.


2007-02-18 03:10

reporter   ~0015293

According to the developers, I've since found out, auto linespacing is actually taken from a value stored in the font file, not from the value set in preferences. Maybe they're both often 20%, but they wouldn't have to be. So automatic mode is something different altogether. (See also my report 0005354.)

So maybe we need yet another mode, "multiple of font size," which uses the preferences setting, and have fixed mode stay as you set it. Or a checkbox like I said before.

Note that PLucAuclair had asked for the same thing in 0003565.

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