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0004600ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2016-02-10 08:13
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Platformx86OSLinuxOS VersionSuSE 10.1
Product Version1.3.3.6cvs 
Summary0004600: Strange behaviour of text import in SE
DescriptionIf in SE File > Load From File is chosen, the user is asked if he wants to clear all text. He has to click "Yes" to proceed to the file dialog. Now, let's assume he changes his mind and wants to leave the content as it is. He will return to the SE and sees his text cleared, while he will expect to "Exit without updating text frame", but that's not what is happening. Instead, the text frame is already updated by clicking "Yes" as described previously. IMHO a user should always be able to return to the status quo, without any harm, by simply leaving the dialog.
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2006-11-23 02:13

reporter   ~0013531

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I concur. I noticed that.


2016-02-09 23:38

updater   ~0038600

Christoph, As I understand the report, I can't reproduce in 1.5.1svn


2016-02-09 23:50

updater   ~0038602

Cancel clear, I understand. You're saying that even if the user has 2nd thoughts after pressing 'Yes' but he still hasn't implemented the SE changes yet... he should have the option for the text to not actually be cleared


2016-02-09 23:52

updater   ~0038603

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According to jghali:
my opinion is that an explicit warning was given, if you click yes, you cannot expect that text won't be cleared


2016-02-10 08:13

manager   ~0038609


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