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Summary0004602: Draft: Item manager
DescriptionPlaying around with Qt Designer, I tried to find a way to get rid of the many item related dialogs ;) I upload the first draft of an "item manager" that contains the functionality of the

a) layers dialog (in the "item" tab)
b) document outline ("tree" tab)
c) arrange pages ("page" tab)
d) parts of the x, y, z tab of the properties palette (in the "item" tab)
e) parts of the context menu ("items" and "tree" tabs)
f) almost all parts of the page menu ("page" and "tree" tabs)
g) large parts of the "Item" menu ("item" and tree tabs)


On top there's a possibility to select the view mode (all pages or a single page)

Then we have three tabs.

The "page" tab contains the current "Arrange Pages" dialog, minus "Page Layout". "Available Master Pages" has been changed to "Apply Master Page" and a drop down menu. The "drag to dust bin" feature would be contained by the "Delete" button, although I think a right click should be available for this purpose as well. I also added most of the features from the "Page" menu, because it seemed to make sense here.

The "Item" menu was intended to have a list view with icons, a caption plus a tree view of the items as in OO.o's "Navigator" (I couldn't figure out how to achieve this in Qt Designer). I added some elements from the "X, Y, Z" tab from the PP which seemed to make sense here, since they're shared by most items: "Name", the "Level" arrows, printable, locked, size locked, and flip. I avoided the "Group" buttons, because I think they're of limited use even in their current position. I also added some features from the layers dialog: visible, text flow across levels, and outline mode. In case they're not applicable, they need to be greyed out. PDF bookmarks and annotations seem to belong here as well. Then we have some features from other places: "Delete" is of use in any of the three tabs, "Properties" should open the PP, "Edit Content" the SE or the default image editor, "Convert To:" offers a drop down list with the options of "Item > Convert To:"; "Attributes" would open the "Page Item Attributes" dialog, and "Send to Scrapbook" would exactly do that.

The "Tree" tab is an extension to the current "Document outline" dialog. The additions are some kind of the lowest common denominator for all items appearing in the outline, i.e. pages, master pages, frames etc. One could delete, copy, convert (depending on the object), and edit the objects listed in the tree view. Edit should also be possible with a double click. The whole tab is slightly redundant, but the tree view itself is quite useful, so why not extend its features as much as possible? And if it can help to save another dialog floating around the screen, it seems to be worth the efforts.

Ideally this would be a dialog on the right side of the screen as in many other commercial and FOSS programs.

It's only a draft, and in case it's of any use for further development, criticism is appreciated. Otherwise, someone from the team please close this bug.
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2006-11-22 14:29


itemmanager.ui (67,179 bytes)


2010-04-22 22:22

manager   ~0023764


i was a bit curious and had a look at the attached ui file.

first impression: the three tabs are not related to each other and i don't think it's a good idea to put them in a common dialog (i mean: it's imho unlikely that you will switch to the page management when moving around items in your layers...)

on the other side there are some interesting propositions which could be used to enhance the properties palette or some other existing dialog.

as an example, we could have the "page properties" to evolve to a non modal dialog and add there some actions like copying pages and deleting them.
we could merge the pager properties with applying the master pages and with arrange pages.

i'd like to suggest to split this report into several ones which will treat each aspect of this proposition which are still valid today.
if there is no interest for it, i think it's better to close this bug... as the original reporter suggested 3 and a half years ago...

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