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0000466ScribusPrintingpublic2006-11-03 09:24
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Summary0000466: Positioning printouts on the page
DescriptionPrinting a document on a page larger than the specified document size currently results with the printout aligned to the bottom left corner.

It would be nice to have the ability to either
* center the printout (more important) or
* specify offsets
Additional InformationThe attached file is an A5 document. Print this on an A4 printer. The cropmarks/margin should be in the center of the A4 page, but is on the bottom left corner (thus omitting the left and bottom crop marks).
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2004-04-09 21:02


cropmark.sla (59,071 bytes)


2006-04-12 08:27

developer   ~0009827

Printed the sample doc with scribus on win32: the A5 printout is automatically centered.

Is it good enough, or are the manual offset and center/don't center settings still needed?


2006-04-13 19:15

developer   ~0009911

Planned in Roadmap Extras
with no ETA

Changing the status to acknowledged


2006-04-13 22:27

reporter   ~0009934

Since I'm in Uyuni, Bolivia right now, I am unable to verify that the issue is fixed. I'll follow up on this mid-May if thats possible.


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