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0000482ScribusUsabilitypublic2007-12-06 20:18
ReporterTsoots Assigned Toavox  
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Fixed in Version1.3.5svn 
Summary0000482: Illogical behaviour when resizing/moving a frame below another. Ctrl should not be required to do the action.
DescriptionWhen resizing or moving a frame that's below another, one must now select the lower frame with ctrl+shift and then do the desired operations using Ctrl+operation. I find this illogical because when the lower object is selected with ctrl+shift it will get the focus and it's borders are marked as red and handles are placed to the red border. This should already make clear that a user wants to operate on this lower frame and there should not be a need to press ctrl while resizing/moving the lower object.
The second thing which makes this illogical is that Scribus changes the cursor to resize/move cursor when over the lower object when it's selected even it's not possible to operate with it without ctrl key pressed. If the ctrl key is not going to be removed from these operations Scribus should only change the cursor when it's possible to do the operation, i.e. when lower object is selected and the user is pressing ctrl key. Currently visual hinting is wrong.
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has duplicate 0001023 closedringerc Resizing overlapped shapes 
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related to 0001659 closedplinnell Editing overlapping frames is very challenging because when selected, a frame retains its stacking order 
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child of 0003171 acknowledged Metabug: Selection improvements 



2004-04-14 21:11

administrator   ~0001064

Can't do it in the moment in another Way, but if you want you can have a look
at the function bool Page::SeleItem(QMouseEvent *m) in page.cpp


2005-08-09 16:35

reporter   ~0005989

Couldn't agree more.


2006-03-29 13:37

developer   ~0009556

I just have tried to resize a shape that is above another shape partly, and Scribus still selects the object below. This is very annoying.


2006-03-29 19:42

administrator   ~0009558

Scribus will select the one above. Use Control-Shift to select it and hold Control to the operate on it. Thats the way it is for now.


2007-12-06 20:17

administrator   ~0018194

Tested, fixed. Thanks.

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