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0004885ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2006-12-19 22:09
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Product Version1.3 
Summary0004885: additional text flow options for tab sets and "alignment styles"
DescriptionIn addition to the per-tab-stop options listed in 0004883, it would be nice to have more paragraph-level control over text flow between tabs, including settings for tab order and restrictions on field overflow and wrapping, such as options to
  - not skip stops (for tables where you want to use each field)
  - set text overlap/clipping and line wrap modes where necessary
  - set default margins between tab zones
  - automatically calculate maximum tab zones around stops, including an option for a per/line vs. per-column approach (lock into columns)
  - invoke a warning when fields overlap their maximum boundaries
  - set the order in which successive tabs move through stops (e.g., left to right vs. right to left).

I'll post a mockup updated tab dialog at the end of the week. In my view, with these options, a tab set style would function as a more flexible version of the basic paragraph alignment types, and should be able to be selected as alternatives to them as "alignment styles" or the like. (Think left, center, right, right-backwards, split-justified, table1, table2, etc.... :)
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2006-12-19 22:09

administrator   ~0014098

Not in 1.3.4

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