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0004947ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2016-12-13 01:00
Reporterchristoph_s Assigned To 
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Platformx86OSLinuxOS VersionSuSE 10.1
Product Version1.3.4cvs 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0004947: Different behaviour of the font list in SE and PP.
DescriptionThe text tab in the PP always shows the default font, while the SE displays the first font in the list. IMHO it'd be the best solution to not display any font (empty field or "None") until the cursor is placed somewhere in the text. If a user selects a font from the list in the PP, this font will be applied to a selection (frame, linked text frames, manual selection).
Tagsduplicate, font selection


related to 0003370 confirmed Font selection in SE is inconsistent with properties palette 
related to 0005856 closed Text formatting and font recognition in properties window 
related to 0005979 closed F2 displays and uses default values for text 



2016-12-13 01:00

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0003370 dupe?

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