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0005017ScribusUser Interfacepublic2008-04-22 23:01
ReporterTheBashar Assigned Toplinnell 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
OSWindows XPOS VersionBuild 2600.xpsp. 
Product Version1.3.3.6 
Target Version1.3.3.12Fixed in Version1.3.3.12svn 
Summary0005017: Frame Resize Grippers Nearly Impossible to Grap *Properly*
DescriptionThe resize grippers on the frames (text and image at least) are killing me. When I try to hover over the red blocks, 95% of the time the cursor stays with the move object cursor. When it does finally change to a resize cursor, 35% of the time it moves the object anyway, 35% of the time it draws a selection box, and 30% it actually resizes the frame.

I've tried zooming in to 200% to get bigger gripper targets, but this doesn't seem to help.
Steps To Reproduce1) Open new document.
2) Draw a text frame where the width and height is about 1.7 inches.
3) Select the "selection arrow".
4) Click on the text frame to select it.
5) Hover the cursor over a resize spot.
6) Try in vain to get the resize cursor.
7) If you get the resize cursor, try mostly in vain to resize.
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related to 0004344 closedavox Wrong cursor displayed: Double arrow while it should be a crossed arrows 
related to 0002407 acknowledged Metabug: Misleading and wrong cursors 



2006-12-28 14:37

administrator   ~0014286

Go to File -> Preferences and then in the Dialog to the tab "Guides" and set the value for "Grab Radius" to be at least 4px. This value works fine for me here.


2006-12-28 19:45

reporter   ~0014298

fschmid, are you on Win32? My interpretation of "Guides | Grab Radius" is that the value is only for grabbing the guides. I already have it set to 20px with no perceptible improvement. And it seems to have no effect on the resize points at all.


2006-12-28 23:51

viewer   ~0014300

Are you using any custom themes or cursors ? I have seen custom cursors break page layout apps, not just Scribus.


2006-12-30 17:08

administrator   ~0014323

Confirmed under SuSE 10.0 and 10.1, Scribus and 1.3.4cvs.


2007-01-07 08:22

reporter   ~0014635

After adjusting the "Grab Radius" I must restart Scribus for the new grab radius to take effect.

I have tested this on two Windows XP Home machines.

Making the grab radius equal to 1pt, then restarting Scribus, made it hard for me to resize the text frame using the mouse.

Making the grab radius equal to say 5pt or more, then restarting Scribus, made it much more easier for me to adjust the text frame.


2007-02-19 20:58

reporter   ~0015326

changing the radius AND RESTARTING SCRIBUS did the trick.
(It took a long time before I discovered this thanks to newscribe)

I think:

* the need to restart should be mentionned in the preferences dialog or removed at all.
* I still wonder why 1px seemed to be the default/install value. Has this something to do with upgrading?


2007-02-19 21:24

viewer   ~0015328

I'll fix the tooltips after is released. There is a string freeze until then.

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