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PlatformPentium M LaptopOSWindowsOS VersionXP Pro
Product Version1.3.3.6 
Summary0005031: Feature Request: UI-Properties Window Improvement
DescriptionCurrently the properties window is not arranged in a way that promotes a streamlines work-flow. I have attached a picture of a Properties window idea.

This new design features:
(1) Less clicks in order to accomplish any task that the window provides.
(2) Less screen space.
(3) Easier to understand, and very intuitive layout
(4) Stylish look

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2006-12-29 23:30


props.gif (47,840 bytes)   
props.gif (47,840 bytes)   


2007-01-01 02:08

reporter   ~0014343

Your mockup reminds me of the interface in some CAD programs, where the functionality of something like the properties panel is split into separately dockable mini-toolbars that you can place wherever you want. It often ends up looking like your design. I like being able to see all the settings I'm using at once.

I'm not sure how the new properties window in 1.3.4 works--did I read something about the individual parts being able to be torn off and docked, or are all the options visible already anyway?

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