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0005206ScribusImport / Exportpublic2015-11-27 23:48
Reporterfaramond Assigned Tofschmid  
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PlatformWindowsOSXPOS VersionSP2
Product Version1.3.3.7 
Target VersionFuture Release - Nice to have 
Summary0005206: Support for DOCX (OpenXML) import/export
DescriptionWhy not add import/export support for Microsoft Word files to Scribus?
There is already an open source translator that converts back and forth between ODF files and the OpenXML (DOCX) format that Word 2007 uses. Adding OpenXML file support would simply be a matter of piping the output of the translator into the input of the ODF importer (and reverse for export.)

P.S. Some might have objections to Word, but it is the most commonly used document processing software, and not to support it makes migrating existing data to Scribus and exchanging documents with the rest of the world all the harder.
P.P.S. I do not propose adding support for Word's older DOC file format.
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2007-01-20 13:27

administrator   ~0014900

Not in 1.3.4, probably not in 1.3.5, maybe not at all.


2007-01-20 15:10

administrator   ~0014903

Well, using that ODF converter, it should be quite straightforward to write such an import plugin. Of course, if people would use the ODF converter plugin in Word 2007 that wouldn't be necessary at all; and they had the added benefit of being able to exchange documents with OO.o users.

P.S. Scribus already supports importing older *.doc formats w/o formatting via AntiWord.


2007-01-20 15:11

administrator   ~0014904

P.P.S Why dont people just ask Microsoft to implement import/export functions for Scribus documents? ;-)


2015-11-27 22:46

updater   ~0037708

Franz committed initial code in r20592

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